Frequently Asked;

  • What is the average cost of a Jayleen Bridal House gown?
    • The average cost of Jayleen Bridal Gowns ranges from $8,000 to $20,000 Australian Dollars.
  • Can you do custom designs for under $10,000?
    • Absolutely! Our gowns realistically start from $8,000 AUD, making it possible to cater to custom designs for under $10,000.
  • I am getting married in less than 6 months, can I still get my custom-made wedding dress?
    • For brides with tight timelines, our House Collection is the best option. You can choose from our amazing styles and start your fittings in-house.
  • What is the purchasing/fitting & alterations process in Jayleen Bridal House?
    • In your initial consultation, our experienced stylist will discuss your vision and previous preferences.
    • We'll guide you through style selection, fabric, and lace choices.
    • You'll be booked for a measurement session to ensure precise measurements.
    • When your gown is near completion, we'll schedule an initial fitting to review all details and possible alterations with your dressmaker.
  • Do you offer any midi dresses as part of your Jayleen Signature?
    • We customise our signature gowns and we can offer custom make midi dresses.
  • How long does it take for a dress to be ready and shipped?
    • Our custom-made process usually takes around 8 months, so the more time you can allow, the better.
  • If a dress I like doesn’t appear on your website, does it mean it’s not available anymore?
    • No, it may just be a custom-made wedding dress. Please email us for inquiries.
  • Do you have a showroom in Sydney?
    • Yes, our flagship store is located in Sydney.
  • Do you do princess dresses without a split? 
    • Yes, we do! All our full gowns can be customised with or without a split if you wish.
  • Can the collection of dresses be customised?
    • Absolutely, all of our collection gowns can be customised to your preferences.
  • Is there any way to order from you if I am in Canada? 
    • Yes, we can organize a virtual appointment for you! Visit our website to schedule virtual appointments.
  • What was your inspiration for your Jayleen Signature collection? 
    • Our Jayleen Signature collection draws inspiration from the essence of timeless elegance, blending classic beauty with modern trends. Each gown is a masterpiece, crafted to reflect the individuality of every bride.
  • Will you be designing more long-sleeved dresses? 
    • We already have long-sleeved wedding dresses in our collections. Additionally, sleeves can be added to most of our existing gowns upon request.
  • Would a plus-size bride have a chance to have dresses made for her?
    • Absolutely! We custom-make our wedding dresses based on customers’ shapes and sizes.
  • Do you recommend white or ivory dresses? 
    • We love the beautiful off-white colour and shades of blush and champagne are also among our favourites.
  • Do you offer payment plans? 
    • Yes, payments are progress-based.

    Finding My Dream Dress

    • Where should I start looking for my dream dress?
      • You can start by consulting a wedding planner or talking to friends. Follow JAYLEEN on Instagram and Pinterest  for inspiration, and explore various styles on our website. Subscribing to our newsletter will keep you updated on the latest trends.
    • Where can I find JAYLEEN wedding dresses?

      • JAYLEEN wedding dresses are available in our head quarter in Sydney. Click the Book an Appointment link to check the availability of our store.
    • When should I start looking for my wedding dress?

      • We recommend starting your search 9-12 months before your wedding day. However, we have options for those with a shorter timeframe.
    • How many months in advance should I order my dress?

      • Most brides order their dress 8 months in advance, allowing time for customisation and two fittings.
    • Can I purchase a dress online?

      • Yes, we offer online shopping, Create an Account to see the prices. Also, we do provide virtual consultations to help you define your preferences before visiting our store.

    Planning My Visit

    • What makes the JAYLEEN in-store experience special?

      • With over 30 years of combined experience, we offer professional bridal stylist experts and highly talented seamstresses to help you find and tailor your dream dress.
    • Is your store open every day?

      • We are closed only on Tuesdays. Please check our footer operating hours.

    My First Appointment

    • Why do I need an appointment to try on wedding dresses?

      • Booking an appointment ensures you receive personalised expert advice and a wonderful experience in finding your dream wedding dress.
    • What happens during my in-store appointment?

      • A stylist will pre-select styles based on your preferences discussed in previous communications. After finding your dream dress, an expert will take your measurements for a custom order.
    • How long does the appointment last?

      • Appointments last either 1 or 1.5 hours, depending on the day of the week.
    • How can I change or cancel my appointment?

      • Cancellation and modifications can be made 24 hours prior your booking. Please make sure to adhere to the stipulated guidelines to avoid any charges.
    • How many dresses can I try during my appointment?

      • Although there's no maximum limit, brides typically try 5 or 6 dresses. A virtual consultation can help in pre-selecting your favourites.
    • How do I find the right size and fit for my dress?

      • Our dresses are made to measure. A stylist will help you find a gown that suits your body type, and then it will be made it for you.
    • In which sizes are JAYLEEN gowns available?

      • Our dresses are custom fitted, available from size 0 to 30.
    • Can I customise my dress?

      • Yes, customization is possible with selected JAYLEEN styles in all JAYLEEN BRIDAL HOUSE gowns.

    Payment Terms and Conditions

    • What are the payment terms for JAYLEEN wedding dresses?

      • Jayleen Bridal House has unique payment terms. Kindly inquire about the payment terms and conditions from your stylists on the day.

    About JAYLEEN Design and Collections

    • Who is the designer behind JAYLEEN's gowns?

      • Our team of designers bring their elegant signature and renowned bridal know-how to MASAL.
    • What are the different JAYLEEN collections?

      • We offer several collections, including Atelier Jayleen, JAYLEEN Privee, and  MASAL #FairyTaleStory each catering to different bridal styles and preferences.

    • What are the quality standards of JAYLEEN?

      • We adhere to the highest quality standards, with a meticulous checking process to ensure perfection in every dress.

    Once You Have Purchased Your Dress

    • How does the fitting and alteration process work?

      • Different process involves for each bride in Jayleen Bridal House whom will have unique processes. Kindly inquire the information of the the process on your appointment day.

    • How should I travel with my bridal gown?

      • Your gown will be beautifully bagged in our iconic JAYLEEN non-wowen garment bag, designed to keep your dress in pristine condition.

    • How should I care for my wedding dress before and after the wedding?

      • Before the Wedding:

        1. Storage: Keep your dress in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Hang it on a padded hanger to prevent creases. Avoid plastic garment bags, as they can trap moisture and cause yellowing.

        2. Handling: When touching your dress, make sure your hands are clean and dry. Avoid using lotion or perfume while wearing the dress, as these substances can stain the fabric.

        3. Steaming: Consider professional steaming or pressing a few days before the wedding to remove any wrinkles.

        4. Protective Measures: Be cautious when eating and drinking while in your dress to avoid stains. Have a bridesmaid or family member help you in and out of the dress to prevent damage.

        5. Transport: Use a non-woven garment bag designed for wedding dresses when transporting it to the wedding venue. Hang it in the back seat of your car to prevent wrinkling.

        After the Wedding:

        1. Cleaning: Take your dress to a professional wedding dress dry cleaner as soon as possible after the wedding. Point out any stains or areas of concern. Avoid using at-home stain removers, as they can damage delicate fabrics.

        2. Preservation: If you plan to keep your dress as a keepsake, consider wedding dress preservation. This involves cleaning, acid-free packaging, and storing in a cool, dry place.

        3. Storage: Store your dress in a climate-controlled environment. Avoid basements and attics, as they can be prone to temperature fluctuations and humidity.

        4. Regular Inspection: Periodically check your preserved dress for any signs of discoloration or damage. Re-package it if necessary.

        5. Consider Reuse: If you don't plan to preserve your dress, consider donating, selling, or repurposing it. Some brides choose to have their dresses altered into cocktail dresses or christening gowns.

        Remember that proper care ensures that your wedding dress remains a cherished keepsake for years to come. Consulting with a professional wedding dress cleaner and preserver is often the best way to safeguard your gown's condition.